Thursday, 1 September 2011

Green and White Randoms Quilt

Playing Games with Random Orphans

I've been unhappy with the amount of random orphan blocks in my sewing
room. My stash is under control, especially now that I don't buy
backing fabric but use ugly fat quarters instead. But it seems as if
every container I open there are more blocks that don't belong to any
project. Sometimes I think, so that's where they are; but more often
it's, what was I thinking when I made those?

I have been rounding these randoms up into a big box labeled Coulda
Beens. Every now and then I tip them out but there doesn't seem to be
anyway to get them to cooperate.

I decided just to start somewhere. I had a stack of 9 patch blocks from
an online swap with a food theme. I added some Cobblestone 9 patch blocks
from another swap and a few other blocks that all finished as 6 inch.
Then I googled 'settings for 9 patch blocks' and found a picture that
used flying geese sashing strips. Green was in most of the randoms, so
I found some ugly green in my stash from an abandoned mystery quilt and
a off white end of bolt special. I was on my way.

My only working sewing machine in the last twelve months was my 1950s
Singer featherweight so I decide to use Quilt As You Go so I could make
the whole quilt on my little machine. Found more (ugly) greens for the
back and made the back chequerboard. QAYG was really good, so nice to
finish the top and have the whole quilt done.

It was quite hard to give this one away but it went to the ABC radio winter blanket appeal.
I hope all the randoms are happy at their new home.


Joy V said...

Sharon, a beautiful quilt and made from an 'odd' collection of blocks also, well done. Love the green you used also.

Jennie said...

I'm glad you identified the green as 'ugly'. I'm a fan of green, but not THAT green. Hope the quilt will be very happy being put to use, after however many years in pieces in tubs.