Tuesday, 13 October 2009

And the winner is...

Finally I have some time to choose the giveaway winner. I was going organise something clever to choose the winner but in the end I went for the tried and true method of name on slip of paper and get hubby to pull one out of the ice cream container.

I am pleased to say that Anne A was the winner. Well done Anne, the squares will be sent ASAP. Thanks to everyone that posted a comment, and big thanks to my new blog followers.

Anne's favourite colours are rosy pink, burgundy and green. My favourite colour scheme is, without a doubt, autumn tones. I grew up in Ohio and the autumn trees are just gorgeous.
When I see orange, yellows and rust colours I just have to spend.
My choice for our patchwork groups' 2007 Round Robin was autumn shades. I've been quilting the finished result this month, I'll have to get organised and finish the quilt so I can show you all.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Northside Makers Market

Just in case you don't read the Northcote Leader newspaper (local paper in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia), here's an article about the market on Saturday (my daughter Jennie is on the right).

Am I proud? Not half!

NORTHSIDE Makers Collective will give a stronger identity to the growing handmade scene in Melbourne’s north, say its crafty founders.
Northcote’s Margaret Lawson, Jennie Barnes and Jay Falkner from Reservoir recently set up the non-profit craft collective and markets as well as branding to distinguish work from Melbourne’s north.
Ms Lawson said market stall prices were often prohibitively high - between $60-$180 a day - but the collective could offer affordable rates to those starting out.
“We wanted the market to be non-profit so that we can support crafters to get their businesses up,” she said.
“It’s a challenge for craftspeople to find an affordable way to share their products with the public.”
The collective also offers a crafts club, including coffee and crochet afternoons, and a Northside Makers Mums Group.
“People can try new crafts for the first time and socialise with other people who share a passion for craft,” Ms Lawson said.
Northside Makers Collective’s coffee and craft meeting is next Sunday, September 13. There’s a meet and greet for market stallholders on October 2 before the first market at Northcote Uniting Church on October 10. For more information, go to northsidemakers.com

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

I Spy Blue Borders

I've finished the borders on the blue I Spy. I did the sides first - dark blue, random novelty prints, then another dark blue. When the sides were finished I did the same borders on each end. It's the first time I've sewn borders properly - you know, measure across the centre of the quilt, average the results, blah, blah, blah. I usually attach a border and cut off the excess. I did it properly because I was added three borders, I don't know if I will bother next time.

I'm very excited with the blog giveaway, 15 entries so far. It's not too late, you have until Sunday night to write a comment.

This Saturday is the first Northside Makers' Market in Northcote, Melbourne. I wish I was attending. If you are attending, you'll find my daughter Christine selling my charm square packs alongside of her Teddy Buggs furry boots for babies; and my daughter Jennie will be racing around organising the market as well as showing her W Class Tram cushions and postcards. The weather will be perfect and the stalls will be marvelous. Put it in your diary!

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Competition Time

I thought I'd be brave and offer a competition on my blog. I've seen it done on other blogs but I'm not sure if there is a blog comp etiquette - feel free to correct me if I get it wrong.

The prize is novelty charm squares; 20 in all and measuring 3.5 inches/9 cm. You can see the squares on the right of screen (waves towards picture). To win this little prize you need to leave a comment on this blog post. I even have a question for you to answer:

"What's your favourite colour scheme for a quilt/craft project?"
You have until midnight on Sunday 11th October to leave your comment, then the winner will be chosen at random.
Looking forward to your comments. Good luck!