Wednesday, 5 May 2010

I Spy The Talking Quilt

I bought a stack of old quilt magazines at a secondhand book sale a few weeks ago. I was browsing through 'Country Quilts - Fall 1995' when I came across an article on 'The Talking Quilt'. It was an I Spy quilt made with 98 different novelty print charm squares. The author made square in a square blocks with each charm square, sashed with navy blue, and put the blocks on point with a wide border. It looked very nice, but the best part of the article was two pages of ideas for using charm squares. Eureka, I said, just what I need for the market stall this week; I'll photocopy the pages and give them to customers when they buy a pack of charm squares.

Then I thought a little more; instead of photocopying the pages, I'll make the blocks and add them to my display. I used 6.5 inch charm squares that I sell at Two Bits Patches and made them up to 12 inch blocks. Here's the six blocks that I made - and I haven't used up all the suggestions yet.

Cobblestones / 9 patch

Log Cabin / Pieced Star

Square in a Square / Antique Tile.

Do you have a favourite pattern for a child's quilt? I'd love to hear your suggestions.

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Jennie said...

What a great idea for your stall!

Hope my two packages arrived safely. The badges can be $3.50 or $4 each, depending on what the market will bear.