Tuesday, 18 August 2009

And I Spy Emma Too

I gave Emma her QAYG hexagon quilt on Saturday, you can see how impressed she was! Machining the hexagons was the way to go; she would be at school before I finished a hand pieced one.
But... hand piecing is very pleasant if you have no deadline. I've always wanted to make a double wedding ring in 1930s prints. When I was in grade 6 my best friend and I would watch TV after school; on the couch at her house was a double wedding ring quilt her grandmother had made. I loved all the cheery yet faded colours.
I've found my sheet of cutout vinyl templates that I bought years ago. The set of Matilda's Own templates have been recommended but I thought I would try I ones I already have. I'm not quite ready to start but the idea is floating up to the top of the queue.

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Jennie said...

I like the progression of pale pink in the centre to darker at the edges. But Emma's pale pink too - she blends in!