Saturday, 4 August 2007

Jane Ann Matlack

Jane Ann Matlack was my mother's mother's father's mother. She was born in Chester County, Pennsylvania on 11th October in 1845 to Thomas and Eliza Matlack. Jane was the seventh child in the family, the first girl after six boys. Jane and all of her brothers lived to adulthood, and I imagine their childhood as a happy and healthy one, with plenty of fresh air, good food and positive opportunities.

Jane would have been spoiled by her brothers but as soon as she could keep up Jane was outside with the boys - climbing trees, building dams in the creek, hoeing the vegetable garden, bringing in firewood. Jane liked school, I reckon, was good at mathematics and history but hated writing essays.

Jane kept studying until she graduated from the local school. She stayed at home helping her mother keep house, welcoming the new sisters-in-law and the ever increasing band of nieces and nephews.

And then she met John Jacob McFarlan.

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